The Brand Activation Toolkit (BAT) helps you and your team dig into your business model, uncover your purpose, and channel that foundational thinking into an actionable branding system.

Branding Tools for SMEs

Shouldn’t your brand be working as hard as you? Especially when it could be an asset that accounts for approximately 30% of your market capitalization. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or medium size business; that’s a lot of asset left on the table.

So why the disconnect? Even though you’ve invested a lot of effort and equity into building your business, you, like many SMEs, are not getting full value for your brand. At dMox, we want to make sure you capture that value.

We’ve developed a process called the Brand Activation Toolkit (BAT). It’s designed to break down what you stand for, capture what makes you special, and transform those insights into a powerful branding platform that works across every part of your business. To be clear, BAT is not just about logos and taglines.

​It's about making things happen.


BAT is a multi-disciplined process spread over the following five stages: Motivate; Engage; Embed; Evaluate; and Forecast.​


We’d be happy to share more insights, answer any questions, and give you some thoughts on how your brand can be a key driver for your business.